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FlightProSim.comOwing to the extreme technical prowess and knowledge of aircraft needed to accurately create a quality product, flight simulators are few and far between, and this makes finding a good flight simulator download tricky.

The majority of games come in boxed retail versions only, or are small independent projects lacking in features and technical savvy.

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The best flight simulator download we’ve yet come across is without a doubt Flight Pro Sim. Flight Pro Sim is a mainstream quality game, yet developed largely by independent lovers of aircraft, and not necessarily gaming developers.

The love they have for the aircraft available to be played is evident. Not a single detail has been left unaccounted for, and no compromises have been made in delivering the most authentic experience possible.

One of the nice touches found with the Flight Pro Sim flight simulator download is that it’s available in two different versions. Firstly, there’s the basic version which retails for just under $50.00. This version comes with all the features of the game, allowing for a fully fledged gaming experience.

The only limitations to be found are in the number of different aircraft available, and the regions which are available to be flown around.

The full version of Flight Pro Sim is a much larger flight simulator download, and retails for over $100. This version comes with everything that’s been added to the game over the course of its painstaking development.

We’re talking nearly 100 different aircraft, all accurately designed and tested, thousands of airports scattered across the globe, all of which mimic their real-life counterparts as accurately as the aircraft that will land at them are, and an accurately scaled and modelled world that almost takes your breath away as you fly across it.

Not content to stop there, both version of the Flight Pro Sim flight simulator download come with online connectivity, which serves a dual purpose.

Firstly, you can connect to private servers to play the game with other aircraft and flight simulator aficionados. Secondly, while connected online, Flight Pro Sim will update the weather across the globe to accurately reflect what’s actually happening in that region.

If it’s raining in Madrid in real-life, it’ll be raining in Madrid in the game as well. Likewise, the sun, moon, and stars are all properly aligned and displayed based on whichever region of the world you’re viewing them from.

It’s this incredible attention to detail and authentic feeling that makes Flight Pro Sim the best flight simulator download on the market at present. Any fan of flight simulators will be absolutely blown away by the unmatched realism the game exudes.

If you’re hesitant about initially springing for the full version of the game, we certainly recommend testing out the scaled down version, which still offers a varied and complete flight simulator experience in its own right.

We guarantee that you’ll be clamouring for the full version before you know it though, so you can experience all the wonder that the full game has to offer.

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