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Flightprosim Review

Aircraft simulation fans are in for a real treat with the newest game on the market, which we’ll detail in this Flightprosim review. The first thing you notice about FPS upon firing it up is the incredible wealth of options at your disposal. Flightprosim was a massive project, undertaken by a slew of developers over several years, and it shows in the incredible depth the game has to offer. Click here to discover real life flying with Flight Pro Sim Normally when reviewing a game, we like to test out every facet of the game, and explore everything it has to offer, but that just wasn’t possible for this Flightprosim review. There are just too many planes, too many areas to explore, and too many different options to be able to fully test out within a realistic time frame. This is of course a great thing for the player, as there’s a near limitless amount of gameplay available.  Our first choice upon beginning our Flightprosim review was which aircraft to choose. Because there...

Flight Pro Sim Review

This Flight Pro Sim review will take a look at the newest flight simulation game on the market, Flight Pro Sim. Early reviews of the game have been overwhelmingly positive, and we wanted to see if the game truly lived up to the hype. Experience real life flying, click here to get Flight Pro Sim Before we get into the meat of this Flight Pro Sim review, let’s first discuss some of the mind-boggling stats. FPS comes complete with a fully realized and modelled world, with landmarks and accurate scenery for every part of the globe, powered by Google Maps. The game even accurately maps the solar system, and weather patterns are accessed in real-time to deliver true-to-life weather in every area of the globe. It truly does feel like you’re traversing the planet in the plane of your choice. Speaking of planes, there is a massive collection of aircraft at your disposal, all accurately modelled. Nearly 100 planes were available at the time of this Flight Pro Sim review, and more are b...