Flight Simulator Airport

FlightProSim.comWhen thinking about the key components of a flight simulator, the flight simulator airport is probably well down on the list of important features. That’s only because the airport’s significance has never truly been explored and accurately depicted in any previous flight simulator games.

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While all other facets of the game were blessed with an incredible attention to detail, the airports were typically the same, no matter where you flew.

Taking off and landing at one flight simulator airport, was the same as taking off and landing at any other flight simulator airport. Aside from perhaps a slightly different visual look, there was no real difference between them.

That all changed for the better though with the release of Flight Pro Sim, the most advanced flight simulator on the market. Flight Pro Sim has done an amazing job of not only accurately modeling thousands of airports worldwide, but also in emphasizing and highlighting the subtle differences that pilots must be aware of when taking off or landing at each of them.

In case you did a double take, we did indeed say thousands of airports. If you can think of an airport anywhere in the world, it’s in the game, from military airports, major international airports, and small, one runway national airports. Each airport was been faithfully rendered based on blueprints of the real thing.

Of course, that not only touches on the aesthetic quality of the airports, but also on the unique characteristics of each. You see every airport is unique in its own way, and Flight Pro Sim has accurately captured that with their flight simulator airport designs. Every detail is considered, right down to the fact that certain planes must be programmed with the airport’s runway number before they’re cleared for takeoff.

While taking off is generally the same from most airports, it’s landing your aircraft that truly shines with these detailed designs. Runways are all modeled with the exact tilt and distance of their real-life counterparts, and the runways all face the exact same direction, meaning you’re forced to pull off some exciting landings that mimic their real world counterparts at several airports.

Take for example the Princess Juliana International Airport on the island of Saint Martin. The airport is well-known for its incredibly short runway, which forces large airliners to come in extremely low, mere meters over the heads of relaxing tourists on the beach in fact, so they can land on the very beginning stretch of the runway. This airport, its small runway, and its tricky landings are all accurately represented in Flight Pro Sim.

The flight simulator airport is no longer under represented and neglected with the release of Flight Pro Sim. The unique elements of each and every airport in the world have been meticulously incorporated into the game, adding yet another layer of depth to a game that is already bursting at the seams with it. If you think every takeoff and landing should be a unique and exhilarating experience, then Flight Pro Sim is the flight simulation game for you.

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