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FlightProSim.comSocial games are one of the hottest trends in gaming right now, a trend the PC flight simulator genre has great potential to expand into.

Be they MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft, online social games like Second Life, or Facebook social games such as Mafia Wars or Farmville, social gaming is now a billion dollar business.

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As more and more people now populate the online realm, and with connection speeds being faster than ever before, it’s become easier than ever for gamers the world over to connect with each other and play their favorite games in the company of friends or complete strangers alike.

Up until this point, the average PC flight simulator had not taken advantage of this burgeoning online gaming universe. That’s recently changed for the better though, with the release of Flight Pro Sim.

While not a game centered on social interaction by any means, FPS is an outstanding PC flight simulator that incorporates full-blown online play into its regular gameplay, creating an ever greater sense of realism.

While connected to a hosting server, pilots can chat with each other, fly together, and even help each other out by performing one of several advanced manoeuvres that are new to the PC flight simulator genre thanks to the new online play feature.

These include air-to-air refuelling between planes, flying in formation with other planes, and landing on ATC’s controlled by other players. Some of the aircraft even allow two pilots to fly a mission, or go on a journey together.

For those gamers who would rather play their PC flight simulator solo though, there really are no worries. You can still play the game solo if you wish, or in the event you’d like to play online while still having the freedom to do your own thing, you can certainly do that as will.

You see, even in online play, the world of Flight Pro Sim is incredibly vast, and the number of players connected online at any given time is not overly large, so even while playing online, you may not see another player throughout your entire session.

Gamers usually have to coordinate their flight routes and times in order to hook up with other players, save for the rare instances in which armchair aircraft pilots cross paths in the open skies.

That said, there is one area of the game that is heavily trafficked, and that is the area surrounding San Francisco airport, which is the game’s main airport, included with the basic package of the game. If you like interacting with others, this would be the place to fly.

If on the other hand you’re not so keen on sharing the friendly skies with others, you might wish to fly in less populated areas, such as Africa or Asia.

There is no doubt that online play adds tremendous value to games of just about any genre, and the PC flight simulator genre is no exception.

In fact it benefits tremendously from the addition of multiplayer, providing more options, as well as greater depth, realism, and immersion, to a game that was already bursting at the seams with these qualities.

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