Jet Flight Simulator

FlightProSim.comThe jet flight simulator game has become increasingly popular with the proliferation of air travel worldwide, and the speed that these modern air cruisers now travel. They’ve inspired a new generation of future pilots, as well as aircraft lovers of many years with their sleek designs, and impressive capabilities.

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A jet flight simulator can refer to both passenger jets, and fighter jets, each of which has appeal to different people. The average aircraft lover or global traveler will have a great appreciation for the passenger jets they use to travel the globe.

Meanwhile, those who enjoy reliving the battles of the past, and experiencing the military technological marvels of the present will revel in the possibility of strapping themselves into the cockpit of a fighter jet.

There have been few flight simulators which have catered to both of these audiences. The more realistic sims typically focus on the piloting of passenger style aircraft, while the more arcade style games include fighter jets to pilot.

These games usually lack realistic physics in favor of increasing the ease of use and playability of the game. One of them that does fulfill the desires of both sets of fans though is Flight Pro Sim, and it also happens to be one of the best flight simulator games for sale.

When many of us think of piloting a plane, we immediately think of the amazing fighter jets we see in movies such as Top Gun. Travelling at supersonic speeds, and with unmatched agility to boot, the experience of flying one of these jets, even in a jet flight simulator, is something to behold.

Flight Pro Sim includes several modern and historical fighter jets for players to pilot, all of which include advanced manoeuvres and realistic physics. These include models such as the legendary F-16, and the British Harrier.

The only thing missing from the experience is the ability to shoot down other planes, which isn’t currently included, though you can simulate firing and dropping ordnance. We would love to see a future update that allows for offline battles with AI fighter jet opponents.

The other aspect of the jet flight simulator is the commercial passenger jets which many of us have flown on. While not quite as exhilarating as piloting a fighter jet, the more technically difficult aspects of piloting a passenger jet, particularly in the takeoff and landing departments, provides an experiencing that is highly thrilling in its own right.

Piloting these planes also gives you a better opportunity to explore and experience the wonders of the world, as opposed to seeing a swirl of land and sky while performing tricks in a fighter jet.

Whether passenger or military, the jet aircraft has long inspired legions of aviation fans worldwide, and thanks to constantly advancing computer technology, those aircraft can now be accurately experienced in a jet flight simulator such as Flight Pro Sim. They provide a highly unique, challenging, and wholly enjoyable experience for lovers of aircraft, history, and gaming, all.

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