Flight Pro Sim Review

FlightProSim.comThis Flight Pro Sim review will take a look at the newest flight simulation game on the market, Flight Pro Sim. Early reviews of the game have been overwhelmingly positive, and we wanted to see if the game truly lived up to the hype.

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Before we get into the meat of this Flight Pro Sim review, let’s first discuss some of the mind-boggling stats. FPS comes complete with a fully realized and modelled world, with landmarks and accurate scenery for every part of the globe, powered by Google Maps.

The game even accurately maps the solar system, and weather patterns are accessed in real-time to deliver true-to-life weather in every area of the globe. It truly does feel like you’re traversing the planet in the plane of your choice.

Speaking of planes, there is a massive collection of aircraft at your disposal, all accurately modelled. Nearly 100 planes were available at the time of this Flight Pro Sim review, and more are being added all the time, thanks to the game’s dedicated team of developers.

In addition to the planes, you have thousands of different airports to land them at, all accurately depicted as well, right down the number of runways, and the actual grade and tilt of the runways themselves.

While the amount of planes available to be piloted, and the overall authenticity of the game world is truly staggering, it would amount to very little if the physics and feel of the game weren’t properly executed, so this was the area we paid the most attention to while conducting this Flight Pro Sim review.

Thankfully, we can report that the physics are brilliantly executed, and perfectly complement the rest of this stellar package. Each of the planes we tested felt different, looked different, and reacted realistically in comparison to the specifications of its real world counterpart.

Another area of importance we wanted to discuss in this Flight Pro Sim review is the ease with which the game is learned and played. Flight sims are notoriously difficult to comprehend for many gamers, and even the most savvy aviation expert could spends months and months learning the subtle nuances of some of them.

FPS is no doubt quite complex, and will take both newcomers and veterans to the genre some time to learn, but it does contain many helpful tutorials to help get you started.

The graphics are well done, with the interior and exterior of planes being beautifully and accurately modelled. The weather effects also get high marks for adding to both the visual quality, and the diversity of play.

The world is rendered via a combination of static Google Maps, and 3-D models for some of the more noteworthy landmarks which span the globe.

Overall the environments are fun to explore, and look for the most part, though the dichotomy between the Google Maps images, and the blocky 3-D landmarks is somewhat jarring.

We went into this Flight Pro Sim review somewhat sceptical of the high praise it has received from others, but walked away happily converted. The game looks, sounds, and plays better than any other flight sim on the market, and has more planes, locations, and options available to boot. It will keep even the most devoted gamer busy for months, exploring the beautiful planet we call home.

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