Flightprosim Review

Aircraft simulation fans are in for a real treat with the newest game on the market, which we’ll detail in this Flightprosim review. The first thing you notice about FPS upon firing it up is the incredible wealth of options at your disposal.

Flightprosim was a massive project, undertaken by a slew of developers over several years, and it shows in the incredible depth the game has to offer.

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Normally when reviewing a game, we like to test out every facet of the game, and explore everything it has to offer, but that just wasn’t possible for this Flightprosim review.

There are just too many planes, too many areas to explore, and too many different options to be able to fully test out within a realistic time frame. This is of course a great thing for the player, as there’s a near limitless amount of gameplay available.  Our first choice upon beginning our Flightprosim review was which aircraft to choose.

Because there are nearly 100 different planes to choose, there was no way we could test them all, but we did test out aircraft from each major category included with the fully featured version of the game.

This includes airliners, helicopters, fighter jets, small passenger jets, classic aircraft from the past, zeppelins, and more.  Each different aircraft offered up a truly unique simulation experience.

Taking off and landing were vastly different, turning and manoeuvring the aircraft was substantially altered between models, and the options available to play around with varied based on the aircraft chosen.

Each aircraft also possessed a realistically rendered cockpit and exterior.  A nice touch is the ability to change your camera view to give yourself different angles while flying.

Some purists may dislike this feature, as after all you’re supposed to be in the cockpit flying, not viewing the plane from up in the clouds, but this was in fact one of the most enjoyable things to do while playing around with the game for this Flightprosim review.  The different angles give you a glimpse of the surrounding landscape that you simply wouldn’t get otherwise.

The landscapes are quite beautiful, using a combination of Google Maps for highly populated areas, and 3-D models for wilderness and other regions. One of the most impressive areas we encountered during our Flightprosim review was Paris, France, which was entirely modelled in 3-D.

It was an impressive site, and far more interesting than just the static Google Maps images. The landscape regions dotted with mountains and trees were also highly enjoyable to cruise over.

On top of the massive world to explore, which includes virtually the entire world, save for a few small stretches of ocean where there is nothing to see, and the vast number of aircraft at your disposal, there are also a multitude of options which can be tinkered with to endlessly alter your playing experience.

You can change the weather patterns, speed up or slow down the passage of time, and even enable random events to occur, which could lead to a malfunction aboard your aircraft. Toss in the potential for online play, and the possibilities truly are infinite.

We walked away from our Flightprosim review incredibly impressed by the package on offer. This sim dwarfs even the mainstream offerings from major companies like Microsoft, and stands as the most fully featured and rewarding flight sim currently on the market.

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