Flight Simulator Helicopters

Flight simulator helicopters provide the perfect blend of arcade style control and unpredictability, while still controlling and performing within the framework of a simulation game.

There is something undeniably fascinating about simulations, and their mixture of the real world in a fun gaming environment. Games such as The Sims, and the increasing number of online social/simulation style games are a perfect example of this.

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Simulations are difficult and complex though, which can somewhat limit their appeal, even among those who are otherwise interested in the particular game or subject matter.  This is certainly true of the flight simulation genre, which is at times overly complex.

This is appealing to its fans who have taken the time to learn and master the game, but daunting for anyone else, especially older people who may love aircraft, but aren’t adept with games.

This is where flight simulator helicopters prove to be a great boon to the genre. They can provide the same level of realism and challenge, but in a far different style than the traditional airplanes.

The main reason flight simulator helicopters are easier to handle is that taking off and landing are far more straightforward and less exasperating than they are with other forms of simulation aircraft.

While this provides the bulk of the challenge when controlling other aircraft, save for monitoring system values, the helicopter does make up for this by providing a different experience in the air.

Rather than being simple to manoeuvre in the air like other aircraft, the physics on flight simulator helicopters makes them much more difficult to manage in the air. Turning is imprecise and requires forethought and planning, as do rising and lowering in altitude.

While actually controlling the helicopters is more difficult, this is far more appealing than the complexities and difficult involved in getting a jumbo jet off the ground, or safely back onto it. Users at least have the joy of flying through the air, if they do so rather poorly.

This encourages them to continue playing and improving, and avoids the pitfalls that other simulation aircraft have of discouraging the user so greatly that they quit playing and learning the game.

In addition to the easier to handle helicopters, we’ve found one particular game that also does a great job in catering to newer players, while still offering the level of complexity that depth that veterans of the genre expect, and that game is Flight Pro Sim.

FPS includes a wide range of flight simulator helicopters for beginners to test the waters with, and also includes several helpful tutorials which will guide users through the process of getting both helicopters, and jets, off the ground effectively.

Whether you’re an experienced flight sim vet, or a new player looking for an easy introduction to the genre, flight simulator helicopters, and in particular, the flight simulator helicopters found in Flight Pro Sim, are a great place to start. They provide a simpler introduction to flight mechanics, while still providing their own unique challenges to players of all skill levels.

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