747 Flight Simulator

FlightProSim.comBeing one of the most recognizable and commonly used passenger airplanes in the world, the Boeing 747 has become a sought after target in the flight simulator genre, making a 747 flight simulator a hot commodity.

While there are a few different games that have included a version of the 747 in it, no game has done so quite as accurately or thoroughly as the 747 flight simulator in Flight Pro Sim.

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The brilliance of Flight Pro Sim is that thanks to the incredible amount of locations and airports available with the game, the 747 flight simulator can be used to retrace your own steps aboard a commercial airliner.

Perhaps you flew from New York to Rome, with a stopover in London, England. This trip can be accurately reproduced right down to which individual airport you left New York from, and landed at in each city.

Nor is it simply major cities and airports like the ones mentioned that are represented in the game. With over 24,000 airports included in the game, all accurately designed, you know that from the largest airport in the biggest city, to the smallest airport in an out of the way corner of the globe, you can retrace any previous air flight you had, or make up a near infinite number of fictional ones.

The game even comes with a replay feature so you can relive your best flights, or marvel at your ineptitude during your worst, most embarrassing moments.

Of course, aircraft lovers know that there are several different versions of the 747, and Flight Pro Sim does a great job of supplying users with the majority of the different versions available. This includes the Boeing 747-100, 747-200, and probably the most well-known model, the 747-400. It truly is the most comprehensive 747 flight simulator available right now.

Perhaps the most overwhelming aspect of taking control of a 747 flight simulator is the daunting control panel on display upon sitting down in your captain’s chair.

There are radars to help keep an eye out for other traffic in the skies, gauges which monitor how your fuel and other vital resources are doing, and various switches which perform a variety of functions.

Taking off and landing will of course be your primary concerns. Once you have your 747 in the air, you can switch to autopilot if you desire, which allows you to enjoy the flight while examining the scenery around you, or allows you to chat with other players if playing on a server with other gamers.

With the robust 747 flight simulator included with Flight Pro Sim, you can truly feel what it’s like to sit at the wheel of this massive aircraft, which has flown millions of people to thousands of destinations around the world.

From the exhilarating takeoff, to the harrowing landing, and all the beautiful sightseeing in between, you’ll experience some small measure of what it must be like to pilot a plane filled with people across or wonderful world.

Click here to be at the helm of the mighty 747

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