Helicopter Flight Simulator

Click Here to check out Flight Pro Sim
Click Here to check out Flight Pro Sim

The helicopter flight simulator is almost a genre in its own right, apart from the larger flight simulator genre in which it’s generally lumped into.

Helicopters completely unique control mechanisms set them apart from traditional flight sims, as they make the usually daunting task of taking off and landing much less harrowing, while improving upon the otherwise mundane task of flying from Point A to Point B, by making it challenging and interesting.

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In many flight sims, autopilot often becomes a pilot’s best friend to avoid the rather tedious task of flying around.

A good helicopter flight simulator on the other hand makes flying infinitely more rewarding, and since the majority of your time is spent devoted to this task, it stands to reason that it should be the highlight of the experience.

In the outstanding helicopter flight simulator included in Flight Pro Sim, helicopters require constant finessing to get them around the world.

Rather than getting into a set position and just cruising along, the helicopter will have the tendency to want to fall forward, making it vital that the pilot stay sharp at all times.

On top of this, even simple changes in direction prove challenging, as the forces of gravity imparted on the helicopter while doing so are completely different than the minimal forces applied to a larger, and slower turning airliner.

Downloading the full map pack is all but a necessity while exploring the world of Flight Pro Sim via its helicopter flight simulator.

Not because the included regions are small, as they’re not, in fact fully exploring them would take an avid gamer a good week of time. Simply put, the additional regions just add a tremendous amount of value and diversity to the game.

You can fly over beautiful Caribbean islands, explore the frozen wastes of the Arctic, fly by the CN Tower in Toronto, over Buckingham Palace in London, and zigzag your way along the Great Wall of China. From the pyramids of Egypt, to the Akihabara shopping district of Tokyo, Japan, the entire world is at your disposal, and it truly is a wonderful world.

There’s no feeling quite like exploring our world in this way, being completely unmatched by simple programs like Google Maps or Google Earth, as impressive as they are (and of course Google Maps plays a major role in the game as well).

Flight Pro Sim comes with more than a dozen helicopters, as well as dozens of other unique aircraft for you to fly across this vast virtual globe, with more than 20,000 different airports available with the full scenery download.

It makes your helicopter flight simulator experience nearly literally infinite, as the combination of uniquely designed airports and different planes amounts to millions of possible combinations.

If it’s a good helicopter flight simulator you’re looking for, and chances are if you’re reading this article, it is, then we’re happy to tell you that you’ve found the game of your aeronautical dreams with Flight Pro Sim. Beautiful graphics, realistic physics, a vast and nearly limitless world, and dozens of different aircraft to explore it in amount to an experience that no fan of flight sims should dare miss.

Click Here for the ultimate Helicopter Flight Simulator

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