Combat Flight Simulator Europe

FlightProSim.comThe World Wars remain to this day one of the most talked about, debated, and relived moments in our history as a people.

While some are absolutely horrified by the events that transpired, others seek to play combat flight simulator Europe games, as they are completely fascinated by the period, and proud of the combatants who risked their lives to protect their families and nations.

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Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get a true combat flight simulator Europe, as most simulators don’t include the ability to battle, while combat games are decidedly lacking in the realism of their physics and controls, for the sake of playability. Those seeking a true combat flight simulator Europe game have been left on the outside looking in.

While it doesn’t yet address this issue, there is hope that the robust Flight Pro Sim will allow this capability in the future.

The game’s massive team of developers has added an incredible amount of features to the game since its recent release, and the game already contains several fighter jets of the past and present, as well as the ability to simulate the firing and dropping of ordnance until the real thing is added to the game, which is a sure sign of things to come in the near future.

One way which you can add some level of interactivity to your flights over Europe in your classic fighter jet is to create and modify a traffic file, which can be used to specify where you want to traffic to take off and land, which routes they should fly, and how they should fly.

In this way, you could create an interactive landscape with hundreds of fighter planes criss-crossing the sky, allowing you to use your manoeuvrability to avoid them, and your ability to fire and drop ordnance to simulate a real battle.

It may not quite be the real thing, it’s incredibly charming and addictive in its own right, and the perfect way to emulate a combat flight simulator Europe until Flight Pro Sim fully implements the ability to battle other planes.

The online feature of the game also allows for the ability of participants to create mock battles, or recreate some of the great dog fights from wars of the past. These battles can also be saved and viewed from a number of different angles with the handy instant replay feature.

It’s a feature that will surely get plenty of use when the actual combat flight simulator Europe capabilities are added to the game in the future, providing for endless bragging rights and players duke it out in the online theatre of war.

While the wait has been a long one for those waiting for a true simulation of battles of the past over the skies of Europe, Asia, and Africa, it gets closer and closer with each passing day.

When coupled with the already massive list of features included with Flight Pro Sim, it will amount to an absolute must-buy for simulation and arcade fans alike, and an incredible experience for all.

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