Citation X Flight Simulator

FlightProSim.comThe Citation X is currently one of the most popular small passenger/business planes in the world, which has made the growing desire for a Citation X flight simulator among the aircraft aficionado community entirely understandable.

The citation x is after all the fastest plane in the world at present, and sports a modern, stylish design. Despite its standing as one of the most coveted and sought after airplanes in the world, there was no major Cessna Citation X flight simulator on the market. That is, until the release of Flight Pro Sim.

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Flight Pro Sim features a massive collection of aircraft, among which are various Cessna models, but undoubtedly the crown jewel of the collection is the Citation X.

The Citation X flight simulator in Flight Pro Sim allows the many fans of the plane, both those who have had the pleasure of experiencing a real flight aboard it, and those who will likely never get to experience such a thrill, the chance to sit down in the Citation X’s cockpit, and guide the plane wherever they wish.

Users can start their Citation X flight simulator journey from any one of over 24,000 airports around the world, and end their glorious flight at any of those same airports, that is of course, if you can handle the raw power available to you.

Of course if you’re an expert aircraft simulation gamer, you can up the ante while playing around with the Citation X flight simulator by enabling such options as dynamic and rapidly shifting weather, which will dramatically increase the odds of you flying off course, or going nose first into a mountain, river, or another plane.

If that’s not enough challenge, you can also enable on board malfunctions, which raise the possibility that random calamities will strike your Cessna Citation X’s computer systems while in the air.

Managing the various scenarios which could result from these malfunctions will test the wits, courage, and mettle of even the most hardened flight sim veteran. While there’s something to be said for a peaceful flight over the Andes, overcoming a harrowing ordeal and living to tell the tale is the type of experience that will be remembered long after its hair-raising conclusion.

While the traditional keyboard and mouse controls work well enough, for the true Citation X flight simulator experience, users should consider picking up a joystick and pedals.

There are several great models of joystick/pedals available from some of the top PC accessory manufacturers on the market, and these provide an unprecedented level of realism while controlling your Citation X.  Flight Pro Sim will automatically detect your joystick/pedals when connected, and guide you through the necessary steps to get them configured and ready for use.

Flight simulators give us the ability to accurately replicate the real-life performance of aircraft most of us couldn’t even imagine being aboard, let alone flying. The Cessna Citation X is just one of those aircraft, and is just one of the many aircraft contained in the incredible Flight Pro Sim. It’s an absolute must-buy for fans of the Citation X, flight simulators, and immersive gaming experiences alike.

Click here for a real life flying experience with Flight Pro Sim

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