Fighter Jet Simulator

FlightProSim.comAside from the whole getting shot down thing, and the possibility of losing your stomach contents on a particularly harrowing loop or barrel roll, most people think that being a fighter jet pilot would be an amazing occupation.

The fighter jet simulator exists to placate those of us who will never get the opportunity to fly or ride on a real fighter jet plane, which probably means most of us. Through these fighter jet simulator games, we can get at least some inkling of what it might be like to be a real fighter jet pilot.

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The fighter jet simulator is still a relatively new genre of gaming. Early flight simulators focused primarily on passenger aircraft, providing a more technical and thoughtful approach than seemed appropriate for a fighter jet game.

Naturally, when fighter jet games came along, such as the popular After Burner from Sega, they did not attempt to provide accurate physics or a simulation style experience, instead focusing on the intense speed and combat capabilities of the various fighter jets.

Finally though a flight simulation game has come along that attempts to bridge the gap between arcade and simulation, and that game is Flight Pro Sim. Flight Pro Sim is undeniably a simulation experience, with real world physics, incredible attention to detail, and a staggering amount of depth.

But within this seemingly staid flight simulation exists a fighter jet simulator that could stand toe to toe with any of the fighter jet arcade games of the past in terms of speed, while still retaining the real world physics and movements of the jet’s actual real world models, and the rest of the game’s passenger aircraft.

While Flight Pro Sim does not yet have its combat engine installed, meaning would be fighter jet pilots can not yet battle it out in the skies with AI opponents, the fighter jet simulator is still a blast to play without the combat scenarios.

Any manoeuvre that can be done by a fighter jet is accurately replicated in the game, and the sense of speed is astounding. Doing rolls and flips, and viewing the world and sky swirl and melt into one another is almost as vertigo inducing as it must be for actual fighter jet pilots.

Another area of the fighter jet simulator that is well represented is the incredible sound these planes make as they blaze a trail through the skies at supersonic speeds. The sound alone is enough to take your breath away. Flight Pro Sim includes plenty of different sounding, looking, and controlling fighter jets from various points in history.

Among the models included are the Saab Draken, the Douglas Skyhawk, and the Grumman Tomcat. Older combat warbirds can also be flown, providing a glimpse into the past of current combat technology. These include the Supermarine Spitfire, and the P-51D Mustang.

Fans of fighter jets, and we know you are many; need no longer amuse yourself with unsophisticated arcade games meant for children. You can now experience true jet fighter simulation, the way it’s meant to be played. Flight Pro Sim will please all your senses, and keep you coming back for more death-defying and thrilling rides.

Click here and experience how it is to be a real jet fighter pilot

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