Flight Simulator Aircraft

FlightProSim.comThe major draw for most players of flight sims is the ability to pilot different aircraft, all of which look, control, and feel different. As such, the number of flight simulator aircraft available in any given flight sim game is of the utmost importance.

Lovers of aviation usually have a few favorites, and if these models weren’t included in the game, it would give them much less incentive to purchase the game.

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Due to the sheer difficulty and effort of accurately modelling and replicating the physics and look of just a single aircraft, most flight sims on the market come with a relatively small selection of planes, the prevailing sentiment among developers being that it’s better to do a few things well, rather than many things poorly. Certainly a valid point, but my not do many things well?

As mentioned, the effort needed to perform such a feat would be immense, but Flight Pro Sim takes this challenge to heart, and delivers an incredible array of flight simulator aircraft for users to pilot across the globe, and this number is continually expanding.

Included are aircraft spanning the gamut of real-world aviation categories, such as light-capacity civilian planes, helicopters, military aircraft, warbirds, airliners, historical planes, and much more.

Individual choices range from the well-known, to the heavily obscure. There are Boeing airliners to pilot, Chinook helicopters, the Nakajima Ki-84 warbird, the Blackburn Buccaneer aircraft carrier, the classic Wright Flyer, and much more.  FPS currently features nearly 100 flight simulator aircraft at present, and this number continues to grow by the day.

If you thought some of these choices stretched the boundaries of flight simulator aircraft ingenuity, how about ‘flying’ a glider or sailplane?

Not only are these incredibly fun ways to fly around exploring the game world, but the controls are far simpler than the typical aircraft, and your view is unobstructed, making it the perfect flying method for those new to the game, younger gamers, or those who simply want to enjoy a carefree flight throughout Flight Pro Sim’s incredible world.

The choices aren’t quite done yet though. In addition to these real-world aircraft and flight mechanisms, all modeled and rendered realistically, there are several creative models that are entirely fictional. We’re talking devices such as a sleigh, a UFO, and an advanced hovercraft.

If you desire a taste of the possible flight simulator aircraft choices of the future, or of simple, sheer whimsy, these are the aircraft for you. They look great, and control unlike anything else in the game.

For fans of aircraft and flying, there’s no greater thrill than experiencing a sunset over Boston, or the endless, choppy waves of the Pacific Ocean, in your favorite aircraft.

Flight Pro Sim grants you this opportunity, blessing users with dozens and dozens of aircraft, old and new, common and rare, plain and outlandish.  The only thing holding you back from exploring the beautiful world at your disposal, may be in deciding which of the many aircraft available you should do so in.

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