Flight Simulator

The history of the flight simulator genre has been sketchy at best. The first thing often cited is the pedestrian graphics most flight sims possess. When compared with other games released around the same time, flight sims usually have graphics that pale in comparison to everything else on the market.

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Let’s face it, even gamers who don’t consider themselves graphics junkies would be the first to admit that in a game which stresses realism, the importance of good graphics for setting a realistic backdrop is very important.

It’s difficult to feel immersed in a game, and feel like you’re truly at the helm of a real plane or chopper, when the graphics are anything but realistic or compelling.

The second common complaint is that the games simply aren’t much fun to play. While they are often interesting on a technical level, which appeals to aircraft aficionados, the actual process of flying around and controlling the planes leaves much to be desired on the fun factor scale.  They’re also overly difficult to learn, and exceedingly complicated, making them unattractive to most gamers.

That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise when we came across Flight Pro Sim. FPS addresses both of these major issues which have long plagued the flight simulator genre.

Firstly, the graphics, while not necessarily cutting edge, certainly push the envelope in terms of style and realism. Sitting in the cockpit of a Robin DR400 or Concorde feels authentic, as you’re greeted by the myriad of panels and controls available in each model of the many planes available.  The environments are also unique and well-crafted, and you’ll notice the attention to detail in different ways every time you play.

Flight Pro Sim addresses the issue of fun factor by making the world itself so interesting and enjoyable to explore. Rather than the emphasis of the game being placed solely on the control of your plane, the exploration of the world itself becomes a major draw in its own right.

From the thousands of uniquely modeled airports, to the mass of landmarks that scatter the globe, the addictiveness of flying new routes and viewing new sights adds a jolt to the flight simulator genre, which has often featured drab, featureless areas.

Of course, the main attraction most gamers have with the flight simulator genre is the incredible wealth of options available to them, and the realism of controlling each aircraft, and Flight Pro Sim’s improved graphics and playability do not come at the expense of this vital component of the genre.

In fact, FPS far exceeds the competition in this area as well, featuring a near limitless array of customization options for your flights, such as weather conditions, routes, etc. You’ll never need to fly the same way twice.

If you’re a long-time fan of the genre, then Flight Pro Sim is an absolute must-buy. If you’re interested in the flight simulator genre, but aren’t quite sure where to start, FPS is also a great purchase. Its modern aesthetics, wealth of options, and ease of use make it perfect for veterans and newcomers alike.

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