A320 Flight Simulator

FlightProSim.comThe A320 is both a specific plane, the Airbus A320, as well as a family of planes, which includes newer models released after the actual A320, which include the A321, the A318, and the A319.

An Airbus A320 flight simulator typically has the actual A320 model, but may also include more models from the A320 family, such as the critically acclaimed Flight Pro Sim, which has several versions of the A320 available.

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Airbus has had a long and strong rivalry with Boeing, which has led to remarkable innovation and diversification from each company.

The Airbus A320 is a narrow body passenger aircraft, especially popular in Europe, where an A320 flight simulator is highly coveted. The A320 is the second best selling passenger plane in the world, and has seen increasingly steady demand as the air industry has shifted away from the more costly planes with excessive seating capacity and cargo space.

Putting the A320 flight simulator through its paces in Flight Pro Sim is easy. As mentioned, you’ll have access to several A320 models, as well as other Airbus models like the A330, and A380.

The Airbus models are some of the newest added to Flight Pro SIm, and are still being tweaked as of the time of this review. As such, the models are still relatively barebones, and the physics aren’t quite perfectly implemented yet, but they’re being furiously worked on by a team of French game developers and aircraft enthusiasts, and promise to be as fully robust as the many other planes available in the game.

With the Airbus’s main headquarters being in France, it’s fitting that France has received some of the greatest attention to detail as far as its environment goes. The city of Paris is build by fully 3-D models, while the rolling hills and vineyards of the countryside are beautifully rendered and detailed.

In fact, much of Europe has received this same loving attention to detail, making it perhaps the most interesting area of Flight Pro Sim’s world to explore, via its A320 flight simulator.

One aspect of the A320 that has been fully integrated into the game is its cockpit, which perfectly replicates that of the real deal, including the look of its glass windows, which were the first of its kind in a commercial aircraft. The A320 flight simulator occupies the middle ground when it comes to difficulty.

The plane manoeuvres well, and is typically more forgiving than some of the largest passenger jets, while still providing an enjoyable challenge and authentic experience for A320 lovers.

Flight Pro Sim’s exhausting collection of aircraft is undoubtedly its greatest strength, and the inclusion of several Airbus models is testament to that fact.

This popular, yet often overlooked model when it comes to flight simulators, has found a home on Flight Pro Sim, where it continues to be developed to the standard demanded of it by this fine flight simulator. Fans of aviation and the A320 family will not be disappointed by its inclusion in this game.

Get in the pilot’s seat!  Click here for a real life A320 flying experience

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