Helicopter Simulator Download

If you’ve been stuck aimlessly wandering the vast tract of the internet in search of a quality helicopter simulator download, rest easy, for we are confident that your search has come to a more than positive conclusion.

Click here for a real life helicopter flying experience

As lovers of helicopters simulations and flight simulations in general, we’ve played the majority of past offerings released by companies both big and small.

We also recently took it upon ourselves to hunt down some of the less well known flight simulations out there, and in doing so, came across a helicopter simulator download that literally stunned us.

Flight Pro Sim is a game, that while still relatively unknown among the mainstream, has begun to generate some serious buzz amongst flight simulation fans. We had heard whispers of its greatness, but weren’t entirely convinced until we had the chance to play it ourselves.

We sprung for the full version so we could put the game through its paces. This helicopter simulator download was quite large, hinting at the incredible amount of resources that been sunk into the game.

At the aircraft selection screen we were literally floored by the amount of choices available. Most flight simulators will have two dozen aircraft available, maximum.

What Flight Pro Sim boasts is decidedly more, nearly 100 at present, and actually more than 100 when you include models which are still in development and being worked on by the developers and designers of the game, of which there are many.

Speaking solely of helicopters, there were at least a dozen which we knew were helicopters just off the top of our heads. Models like the Sikorsky S58, the Robinson R22, the Alouette 2, and the CH-47 Chinook to name a few.

The few helicopters we took out for a test spin all looked authentic, all controlled differently, especially the dual-rotor helicopters like the Chinook in comparison to the single rotor helicopters, and all of them felt just perfect.

The controls were simple to learn, easy to perform, and fun to play around with. The different sensibilities of each helicopter made them a blast to play around with and control, as each model had different tendencies and handling characteristics.

Backing up the outstanding helicopter graphics and physics, this helicopter simulator download came equipped with an almost mind-boggling number of airports to take off and land in, all modeled and designed after their real-world locales, landmarks to fly by (or crash into), and places to explore. The entirety of the world is your oyster in Flight Pro Sim.

Despite the massive scope of this helicopter simulator download, the project is still being actively worked on, which just emphasizes how dedicated this team is to the flight simulator genre, and aircraft in general. They truly won’t rest until they’ve delivered the most outstanding product they can.

If you’re looking for a helicopter simulator download that will inspire you, enthrall you, and keep you on the edge of your computer chair, you’ve found it with Flight Pro Sim. Of all the games we’ve tested and played, it’s by far our new favorite, and we can’t see it being topped for a long time to come.

Click here for a real life helicopter flying experience

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