Boeing 747 Flight Simulator

FlightProSim.comA good Boeing 747 flight simulator is probably the most sought after flight simulator in the world, save for perhaps fighter jet simulators.

Despite being much less common than the 737, the 747 has captured the imagination of the public like no other commercial airplane in history.

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For this reason, many flight simulators past and present have included some form of a Boeing 747 flight simulator, oftentimes as one of the main or only planes in the game’s roster. One of these games is Flight Pro Sim, which prominently features several versions of the 747, as well as several other Boeing aircraft.

While Flight Pro Sim includes an unprecedented number of aircraft to piloted, more than any other flight simulator ever, the Boeing 747 flight simulator is still undoubtedly one of the stars of the game.

You can tell from first scanning your 747 in Flight Pro Sim that the aircraft has received an incredible amount of care from its designers. No matter which model is chosen, be it the 747-100, the 747-200, or the 747-400, the texture detailing of both the interior and exterior of the planes is a high watermark for the game.

Let’s detail your first steps into the cockpit of one of these planes, the 747-400, as we help you get off the ground with Flight Pro Sim’s Boeing 747 flight simulator.  Upon first appearing in the 3-D cockpit, you’ll have several tasks to perform to get the aircraft off the ground.

First, turn on the battery, which can be done with a simple left click. In the event that the protective casing is covering the switch, right click it to open the casing, and then left click to hit the switch.

Next, let’s turn the standby power switch to auto. All dial switches are manipulated by either the left or right mouse buttons. A left click will turn the dial to the left, while a right click will turn it to the right. Flip the elec eng control switches to normal, and lastly, the bus tie switches should be flipped to auto.

The plane will now begin to power on, lighting up your dashboard with a plethora of new options. If you weren’t daunted by the sheer volume of options yet, you will be after the dashboard lights up.

You now have access to dozens of different switches, levers, and control panels, all of which must be checked and configured before takeoff in specific manners. We won’t go into the full details here, but rest assured, there’s an in game tutorial to help guide you through the Boeing 747 flight simulator preparation process, and unless you’re an actual Boeing 747 pilot, you’ll probably need to go through it.

All of this just underscores the incredible depth and realism that has been added Flight Pro Sim, and especially its Boeing 747 flight simulator, which has perhaps received more attention to detail than any of the many other planes in the game’s roster. It’s a testament to the aircraft and company that the plane has inspired such devotion from fans, and such a willingness from other fans to learn how to fly it.

Click here for a real life Boeing 747 flying experience

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