Cessna 172 Simulator

FlightProSim.comWe’ve become huge fans of Flight Pro Sim since first reviewing it, and are thrilled to present this inside look at the Cessna 172 simulator housed within the game.

Flight Pro Sim contains two different versions of the Cessna 172, the C172, and the 172R Skyhawk. As the C172 is still in an early state of production, we took the Skyhawk out for spin.

Piloting light aircraft like the Cessna is, for many of us, the most enjoyable aspect of flight simulators such as Flight Pro Sim. The Cessna 172 simulator provides the full flying experience.

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Whereas other aircraft types seem to excel at one or two different disciplines, the light aircraft are great at all of them. Taking off and landing are brilliantly done, while actually flying the plane is also a blast, and a real challenge at times.

If there’s one small complaint to be made, it’s that their cockpits aren’t quite up to the level seen in the commercial airliners or fighter jets, but this is a small price to pay when compared to the overall joy of flying them.

Landing the Cessna 172 is without a doubt the most thrilling, and at the same time terrifying, aspect of the game. It truly is an experience unlike any other in gaming, as you deftly manoeuvre your plane into alignment with the runway, monitoring your vital dashboard stats all the while, and fighting a crosswind that threatens to throw you off course.

You hit the runway, bounce into the air once, attempt to keep yourself aligned with the safety of the pavement just below your teetering wheels, and finally come down for a smooth landing as you cruise to the end of the runway. If this experience doesn’t get your heart fluttering and your palms sweaty, it may be that a Cessna 172 simulator simply isn’t for you.

The most indelible impression left on us by Flight Pro Sim is the fact that the program is constantly evolving and improving. Despite the fact that the Cessna 172 simulator, world, and everything else could have easily been shipped to retail and sold to consumers a long time ago (and even then it would’ve been an outstanding and revolutionary product), the development team continue to press tirelessly forward.

Their most ambitious project yet is the implementation of actual landscape photos into the game client, which would provide literally photo realistic graphics, as opposed to the squashed and somewhat odd-looking images provided by Google Maps.

There are several technical issues the developers will need to overcome, namely minimizing the potential lag that would crop from due to the inclusion of these gorgeous images, but we’re confident the Flight Pro Sim team can and will accomplish the feat in the near future. It will be just one more incentive to experience the excellent Cessna 172 simulator which comes as a part of the package.

Flight simulators don’t get much better than Flight Pro Sim (in fact it’s hard to imagine one could), and flight simulator aircraft don’t get much more enjoyable to pilot than they are in the Cessna 172 light aircraft.

As such, piloting a Cessna in Flight Pro Sim is pretty much the current pinnacle of the flight simulator genre, and should not be missed by fans and newbies alike.

Click here and discover real life Cessna 172 flying

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