Cessna Flight Simulator

Despite its standing as one of the most popular light passenger aircrafts in the world, there have been very few good Cessna flight simulator games available for fans of the plane. Most fans of the Cessna were forced to suck it up and ply the skies as a sleek Harrier, or a massive Boeing Jumbo Jet. This is no longer the case thanks to Flight Pro Sim and its large collection of different Cessna model planes.

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Flight Pro Sim is what we like to call the real flying simulator (a play on the video game series Gran Turismo’s moniker as the real driving simulator). Of the many planes which Flight Pro Sim ably simulates, the Cessna flight simulator is one of the many it does exceptionally well, and there are many different Cessna models which it accurately emulates.

In fact the Cessna has more models available for flight than any other brand in the game except for Boeing, which it is tied with. Some of the Cessna models available are the Citation X, the U-3A, and the 172R Skyhawk.

For anyone new to flight sims, the Cessna flight simulator planes would be a great place to start. They’re relatively easy on takeoffs, and are a blast to control while in the air.

Landings are the trickiest element of piloting these agile aircraft. They have a tendency to take a hard first jolt upon first hitting the runway, which can cause the player to overcompensate and send the plane careening off the runway and into the fields or brush beyond – usually not a good thing.

Despite this, these planes are recommended for beginners, as they’re easy and fun to control, and offer great views of the surrounding landscape and sky.

On top of the Cessna flight simulator, and the multitude of other aircraft available, one of the most impressive elements of Flight Pro Sim actually has little to do with the game itself, but rather the game’s large and devoted community.

Aircraft aficionados are some of the most devoted in the world, and this extends into their love of simulators such as this Cessna flight simulator.

Users are constantly organizing events through various forums, allowing players of Flight Pro Sim to meet kindred spirits, practice flying in formation, or put on shows which can be recorded and later viewed by others or even put on YouTube.

All of this cooperative action is conducted via online play, which can take place on a number of different private servers.

While not suited for long distance flights due to its small fuel capacity, and while also being rather susceptible to poor weather due to its light frame, the Cessna is a fun plane to play around with over the local countryside, and the Cessna flight simulator included with Flight Pro Sim does an admirable job of being both fun and authentic.

It’s a great starting point for those new to the genre, those looking for a short, enjoyable ride, and those lovers of Cessna and their charming aircraft.

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